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Audio and Visual

Passion & creativity defined..

Working alongside you from concept to execution through our diligent consultation practice, our support on everything from power distribution to content and our technical experience in Audio & Visual services, ends with an event that pays homage to your vision.

The importance of Audio & Visual effects in delivering a great event shouldn’t be underestimated, it means the difference between another dull event and a real stand out experience that leaves you wowed with a lasting memory.

Organising an event has its difficulties, rather than having to worry about the red tape surrounding Audio & Visual installations, we offer a bespoke service that can be tailored to cover everything from CAD/technical diagrams to Health & Safety.

Meetings, phone calls or even email contact can be scheduled to suit your specific needs, making working alongside us an effortless and smooth process. One way or another, we always ensure to go above and beyond in delivering every aspect of your event to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

We have specialist technicians and engineers that guarantee to get the very best out of all our Sound & Light systems to ensure your event, runs smoothly and professionally.

Services include:

  • Audio Visual
  • Conference & Awards Shows
  • Creative Design & Printing
  • DJ
  • Equipment & Technical Crew
  • Event Sound & Light
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion Shows
  • LED Wall
  • Production Management
  • Rigging & Staging
  • Weddings & Celebrations
  • Workshop Build & CNC