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No matter what type of event you are looking to create, Avari Events are the company to trust. Boasting extensive experience in a full range of event types, connections to some of the best suppliers and venues, as well as a hard-working, compassionate team of event organisers, we can help bring any occasion to life.

Here is a list of just a few of the events we can and have organised over the years.

Award Ceremonies

Over the years we have been involved in the set up and productions of numerous awards ceremonies, liaising with companies and individuals doing guest management and producing itineraries for each awards ceremony.

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We appreciate that every bride and groom expect their wedding to be the most magical and memorable day of their lives. Our skill lies in turning that fantasy into reality. Avari Events cater for weddings all through the cultural spectrum, so whether on a small or grand scale, traditional or contemporary, in the city or the countryside, a wedding organised for you by Avari Events will indulge your every desire. Celebrations should be filled with joy, laughter and love and it is our mission to ensure that you and your guests experience this.

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Cultural Events

With such a glorious mix of cultures to enjoy in our country, we relish the challenge of creating an event which encapsulates the excitement and joy of any given celebration, from Christmas parties, Chinese New Year, Bar Mitzvahs, Diwali and any other festival which people love to celebrate.

The colours, the foods, the decorations, the joy and the coming together of people make cultural events a real whirlwind of fun, so you can really let your imagination run wild whilst we ensure that it all comes together to make a celebration to remember for the coming year

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You only have one chance to create a lasting first impression and kickstart a real connection between your business and your guests, so why would you take a chance on anything going wrong? Our forté here at Avari Events is building an immersive and unforgettable experience for any occasion, be it a cultural affair, a new product launch, a works function or a sophisticated black tie ball. In fact we know that we have the experience and expertise to design and create any type of charity or corporate event; one that you will be proud to take credit for and that your guests will remember for years to come.

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Charity events

An exclusive event aimed for the charity of your choosing is a fantastic way to raise the most money, but of course the more you spend on decorations and organisation, the less you will have left in the charity kitty at the end.  That is why we offer huge discounts to our registered charity clients, ensuring that you not only get the best event possible, but you also have the most money available left to donate at the end of it.

We are bespoke party specialists, meaning we can create one of our stunning one-off events just for you – ensuring that your charity will remain at the forefront of your guests minds for years to come.  Not only that, because we will take care of all the pre-planning, supplier liaison and the time management on the night, you will be free to relax, welcome your guests and ensure that you all have a fantastic, memorable and lucrative night.

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There is no better time to party than the celebration of a new age…whether you are excited to be a year older and wiser or partying to forget the ever-increasing numbers, we can help your birthday celebrations go with a real bang.

With experience organising parties of differences sizes and scales, from a marquee to a top night spot, restaurant or hotel, Avari Events know what ingredients make a great party.

We will work with you to create some serious magic, and whether you are organising it as a surprise or you are the birthday boy or girl yourself, your requirements will be at the forefront of our planning and worked around to ensure that you are thrilled with the final result.

You may have found in the past when organising your own parties, that your guests have an absolute blast whilst you as the host run around feeling stressed, anxious and worrying about everyone having a great time.  Once we have taken the reigns though, you will be free to sit back and relax with your guests knowing that your big night will run like clockwork with you as centre of attention for a change – it will certainly be one to remember!

Fashion Shows

We have the tech and the equipment to be able to carry out all sorts of events, including fashion shows. From AV production to custom build cat walk stages we are able to put on a show that will leave everyone gasping in awe.

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